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    It's not finger. = No xe dito.

    Do you make real? = Ti fa davro?

    Do you want to see? = Ti vl vdar?

    Excuse me chief, do you have two hundred thousand Franks? = Scusime capo, Ti g dusentome Franchi?

    You stink like a corpse. = Te spusi da cadavare.

    Heal you this! = Crite questo!

    Hear me a moment. = Scoltime n'timo.

    Hey, Big Hears Band! = Oi, banda de recini!

    I ejaculate on it. = Ghe sbro.

    I know Venice like my pockets! = Conosso Venexia come e me scarsee! .

    I'll open you like a crostacean. = Te verso come 'na cancia.

    I'll open your head and I'll put the brain in your pocket. = Te verso ea testa e te meto i sarvi in scarsea.

    I'll put one thousand lira on your chest and I'll close you like a wallet. = Te meto me re sul pto e te sro come un tacun.

    I'll rip your eyes and I'll eat them in the broth. = Te cavo i oci e me i magno col brodto.

    It must be. = G da ssar.

    I've burst open my entrail. = Me so sfondr el bueo.

    It's a boom, I go home. = X un boto, vado casa.

    It's at one rifle shot! = X a un tiro de sciopo!

    It's made of big plastic. = X de plasticon.

    My dead relatives are dogs if it isnt so! = Mi morti xe cani se no xe cuss!

    Shall we make a shadow? = Se fasmo 'n' ombra?

    Taken with the bombs. = Ciap co e bombe.

    That's all, uncle dog, I' ll put myselfon my own! = Basta, 'sio can, me meto in proprio .

    To pretend of apples. = Far finta da pomi.

    You do come the milk to the knees. = Ti me fa vegnr el late ai senoci.

    You'd better eat a shit. = Mgnite 'na merda.

    Your mother is a cow. = To mare vaca.

    I'm more there than here. = S pi de qua che de e.

    I'm full of shadows. = S pien de ombre.

    Now, they are your dicks. = Desso se cassi tui.

    This thing knows little fresh. = Sta roba s da freschn.

    Your bones/deads. = Tita ossi/morti.

    There is bad smell of armpit here. = Ghe se spussa da scagi qua.

    They fuck me in the exam about the only thing I do not studied, what a bad cunt. = I me g incue all'esame su l'unica roba che no g studi. Che sfiga.

    That budel of your dad = Chel bueo de ta pare.

    Rotten budel (ing.)/intestine (amer.)= Bueo marso. (March budel).

    Are you behind joking? = Ti x drio schersar?

    But are you condom? = Ma ti x goldon?

    I advance a shadow. = Vanso n'ombra.

    But look if it's allowed! = Ma varda se x permesso!

    Let it lose! = Assa perder!

    It was hour! = Gera ora!

    Don't stay touching me! = No stame tocar!

    You are not good to make an ejaculation! = No ti x bon de far na sborada!

    He has pulled my the package. = Me g tir el paco.

    Pork dog! = Porco can!

    But don't You have a house, that! = Ma no ti g 'na casa, ci!

    It's better for You to move from the testicals. = X meio par ti che ti te cavi dai coioni.

    Those dogs of Your dead relatives, what a balls counter you are! = Chei cani dei to morti, che contabae che ti x!

    Stop destroying mi dick! = Moighea de scassarme el casso!

    The small log is full of illicit people. = El Tronchetto x pien de abusivi.

    I don't hold it anymore! = No ghea vanto altro!

    Eye to the horns, the ceiling is low. = Ocio ai corni, el soffitto x basso.

    What a cancer you are! = Che cancaro che ti x!

    Covered ash. = Bronsa coverta.

    Tastes are tastes, but in lack of gamberoes the legs are good also. = I gusti x gusti, ma in mancansa de gambari x bone anca le satte

    It would lack other! = Ghe mancaria altro

    But do you have the moor at home? = Ma ti g el moro a casa?

    Which kind of works = Che quait de lavori.

    Laughing and joking the sun eats the hours. = Ridendo e schersando el sol magna e ore.

    Shes not her mother = No x so mare

    Im full like the eggs = So pien come i vovi.

    Are you looking for the midnight? = Ti v in xerca de mezante?

    I explain to you = Te spiego!

    Hip mass = Anca massa.

    If I know who? = Se conosso chi?

    Youre out like a balcony = Ti x fra come un balcon.

    I come into tour mouth = Te vegno in bca.

    Look sometimes = Ara dee volte!

    I come in your bowels = Te vgno in buo!

    Bowels! = Bui!!!

    Hoist deads = Issa mrti.

    Eat my tuna! = Magnime el ton!

    As I made you than I can undone you = Come te go fato te desfo.

    Words in a ear, dont hold a pot. = Paroe in recia no val na tecia.

    I tell it you with good things = Te o digo co le bone.

    This dick!= Sto casso!

    This pair of balls = Sto pr de coioni!

    Id like to eat a shit = Me magnara na merda

    Lost for the foggy= Perso par el cago.

    Long night dry= Nottoeda secca.

    Ciari de luna= Clears of the moon

    Porco e fora= Pig and out

    Pexo el tacon ke el sbrego: Worst the big heel than the hole

    Ge x pi giorni ke uganega= There are more days than sausage

    Bonanote al secio= Goodnight the bucket

    The sun eat the hours! = el sol magna e ore !

    Give it the doves= Dagheo ai coeombi

    Let's go ahead with the Christ, or the procession will block up... : avanti col Cristo se no 'a procesion se ingruma

    She has an eye that sends fuck off the other: ea ga un ocio che manda a fanceo staltro

    Go into the ass of your mother!: Va in cueo de to mare!

    I am back driyn' it= s drio sugarmea!

    I am in vineggar= s in aseo

    A sea of tears= un mar de agrime

    If it's not bread, it's polenta= se no xe pan xe poenta

    To have the bottom on two stools= aver el cueo su do scagni

    What is it born?= Cossa xe nato?

    Give yourself a livened up= Date 'na reffada

    When the shit goes up on a stool, stinks or mades troubles= Co ea merda monta in scagno, o ea fa spussa o ea fa danno.

    There's not tripe for cats= no ghe x trippa per gati

    Apple's fake= finta de pomi

    Never covered= mai coverto

    Go to shit in a nettle's field= va a cagar in un campo de ortighe

    I'm out of stock= so' esauro


    Alcune localit nelle vicinanze

    Sable point= Punta Sabbioni

    Three arbours= Treporti

    Little horse= Cavalin

    Wall ass= Murano

    There was the sea= Marghera

    Tower little boy= Torcello

    Big trees= Alberoni

    Big knife= Cortelazzo

    Under water= Sottomarina

    Country wolfia= Campagna Lupia

    Hammer's lake= Martellago.

    Malice (ingl.)/ Criminal intent (amer.)= Dolo

    Venetian wives ass= Mogliano Veneto

    Big Holy Bible: Bibione

    Piombino: littel led

    Campalto: highfield

    San giovanni in lupatoto: saint john in bingo wolf

    Porte grandi: big doors

    Saint Petersfield: Camposanpiero

    Saint Peter in arc: San Piero in Volta

    Field no-race= Camponogara

    Bad pleased= Malcontenta

    Fourth of a little high= Quarto d'altino

    Target ass= Mirano

    I take tables= Porto Tolle

    Zell am Rein= Thearin

    Dreigesicht= Traixo

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